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    • How to Pack Kitchenware for Moving

      Your kitchen is one of the more difficult rooms to pack. With all the fragile kitchenware and appliances, you want to make sure you wrap them appropriately to prevent broken dishes and shattered wine glasses. The moving experts at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage have provided you with a simple guide to get your kitchenware sorted, packed, and ready for your move. Guide to Pack Kitchenware ...
    • How to Clean Your New House Before You Move In

      The first thing you will want to do when moving into a new home is thoroughly clean before you start settling in. Hopefully, the previous owners left everything at least somewhat decent, but if they didn’t, you'll need to perform a deep clean to make the area safe for you, your family, and pets. The national moving experts from Affordable Quality Moving & Storage have put together a list of items ...
    • Are Full-Service Moving Professionals More Affordable Than You Think?

      Many people believe that hiring a full-service moving company is more expensive than hiring a shipping container service...but the truth might surprise you. In most cases, it's actually not much of a cost difference to hire a pro to do all the lifting and coordinating, especially when you consider the cost of doing all the labor yourself. How Is a Full-Service Moving Company Cost-Effective? When ...

    Moving Tips

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    • What Should You Choose When Moving? Declutter or Storage?

      We all love to accumulate items—whether it’s books, clothing, or artwork. Chances are that each storage space in your home is filled with all sorts of stuff you have gathered over the years. You may not even realize how many items you have accumulated until you have to move to another home. Moving your belongings to a new home may come with a dilemma. Should you declutter some of your belongings ...
    • Driving Cross-Country to Your New Home? Prepare With These Tips!

      There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing a new home, especially when it’s in a new state! While there will be an initial rush of excitement, there’s also a lot to consider and plan for. If you want to avoid a stressful moving process, here are a few steps you should take to make your cross-country commute a breeze. Have Your Car Inspected Before you hit the open road, it’s important to have ...
    • 5 Things People Forget to Pack When Moving

      Moving is an overwhelming process because there are a million things to do in such little time. It’s no surprise that many movers forget a thing or two during the moving process. However, there are 5 things movers shouldn’t forget to pack on their moving day. If you are in the process of moving, the team at Affordable Quality Moving and Storage has put together a list of items you shouldn’t forget ...
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