Packing up a moving box with tape

How to Use a Storage Unit While Moving

When you’re moving, there are a lot of, well… moving parts! Whether you’re moving across the city or to a new state or country, it’s important to keep track of all your stuff. But how can you do that when you’re packing up your entire life?

Whether it’s a short-term solution during the move, during staging while you’re selling your home, or you need long-term storage because you’re downsizing, renting a storage unit can take a load off of your shoulders – literally and metaphorically!

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

No matter why – or for how long – you need to store your things, there are several options for you to choose from at your local self-storage facility. It’s important to do your research and have an idea of just how much room you’ll need and how you’ll need to be able to access it. Storage units come in a variety of sizes, from 5’5’ to up to 50’. Some units are drive-up, even if they’re not big enough to store a vehicle, while others are upstairs (with elevator access) in the facility. Many self-storage spots even offer climate-controlled units!

What Can’t You Put in a Storage Unit?

While each facility has its own rules and regulations, there are some standard policies that are good to be prepared for.

Sorry, you can’t store these items in a storage unit:

  • Hazardous material. Toxic, flammable, and combustible items are too dangerous to keep in a storage unit.
  • Food. If it’s perishable, it could attract mold and pests, which could infest your unit as well as your neighbors’.
  • Wet items. This is cause for more mold and mildew concerns.
  • Living (or once living) items. This includes living in the storage unit – which is punishable with eviction, a fine, or even jail time.
  • Unregistered or uninsured vehicles.
  • Weapons. Like hazardous material, weapons cause safety concerns.
  • Money. A bank deposit box is going to better protect your assets than a storage unit.
  • Stolen or illegal goods. Storage facilities are well-lit and well-monitored to keep people and their items safe; employees must report any suspicious behavior.

Professional Packing & Storage Services

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