Hands close up a brown moving box with packing tape

How to Pack Odd-Shaped Items

When you think of moving, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people think about big brown boxes being loaded into a moving truck. But not everything is simple to pack up. Awkward items can prove to be challenging to protect throughout your move, but there are a few ways to help make packing them easier.

In this blog, the packing professionals at Affordable Quality Moving and Storage will share our tips for packing awkward items that don’t easily fit in a typical moving box.

How Do You Pack Odd Items for Moving?

Because odd items tend to have unique shapes, each one is going to require a different process; it’s not one-size-fits-all!

You’ll need to take a few things into consideration when packing an odd item:

  • Get the right packing materials. From the right box to the right amount of padding, each item will likely need a different setup.
  • Disassemble the items as much as possible.
  • Get the right size box. Even if there’s a lot of extra space, it’s important to get a box big enough to surround the item.
  • Protect the items. Add as much protective padding as you need to cushion all parts of the items. Wrap blankets around protruding pieces, pad the bottom of the box with bubble wrap, and immobilize the item to make sure that the movement of the moving truck won’t jostle or damage any parts.

How Do You Pack Very Fragile Items?

Sometimes what makes packing tricky isn’t just the shape of an item, but how fragile it is. Here are some ideas for making sure your fragile items make it to your end destination in one piece. Plus, read our blog for tips on packing wine bottles!

Follow these steps to pack fragile items:

  • Use small boxes for heavy items.
  • Use sturdy boxes.
  • Make sure the box is secure with extra tape.
  • Pack the heaviest items on the bottom.
  • Use dividers as needed.
  • Fill hollow items with packing paper.
  • Wrap each individual item.

Unsure if you’ve packed your awkward or fragile item safely enough? With more than 25 years of experience helping Southern California residents pack and move their most precious items, we can help! Contact Affordable Quality Moving and Storage today at (661) 622-2636.