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Things You Should Buy After Moving & Not Before

It is common to purchase new things when preparing for a move (especially when you're making an upgrade!)

Whether it’s area rugs, kitchen appliances, or furniture, the list of purchasing items can get long quickly. However, there are some items that you should wait to purchase until you've moved into your new home instead of purchasing them before. The team at Affordable Quality Moving and Storage has put together a list of items you should buy after moving into your new home.

Area Rugs

We recommend you wait to purchase area rugs because you won’t really know what size rug you’ll need until you’re in the rooms themselves. If you also intend to purchase new furniture, you will want to make sure that the rugs go with the general design and color scheme. Even if you do have your new home’s design prepared, it is always best to play it safe and purchase area rugs when you are moved into your new home.


Large art pieces should be transported and handled with care. If you can hold off and purchase art pieces after your move, it will save you stress on your moving day. You may also want to wait to see how everything else looks once your furniture is arranged and the rest of your décor is set before you purchase artwork.


If you are planning to upgrade and swap out your furniture in your new home, it is best to purchase those after you move in and get settled. Not only will you know the exact size, color, and shape of furniture you will need in your new home, but you will also be able to measure the dimensions of the furniture you like. Furniture is also expensive and difficult to transport, so it will be easier to purchase them when you are moved into your new home.


Since indoor and outdoor plants may need unique accommodations, it is best to purchase them after you’ve moved into your new home. A plant that thrives in your current home might not do so well in your new home, especially if you're making a move to a new climate. Purchasing larger plants before you move may make it more difficult to move, especially if you are moving internationally. We recommend you wait until you’re in your new home before heading back to your nursery.

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