Things to Think About When Moving into a Two Story Home

You are going to be moving to the Santa Clarita area and are really excited! However, you are dreading the move-in date due to one set thing in particular: stairs. Maybe you have never lived in a home with multiple floors before, or maybe the staircase has a poor layout. With either case, moving into a home with stairs will be difficult, and it’s important you think through the logistics.

  1. Stairs can turn a heavy item into a doctor visit.
    Arguably the most important part of any move, the significance of move safety cannot be stressed enough. Lifting, pushing, pulling, dropping—all of these movements can cause serious injury to someone who doesn’t know how to correctly maneuver furniture. The average couple may be able to get away with improper technique on a single-story move, but add some stairs and improper movements can cause permanent damage. As a rule of thumb, if you struggled to get an item out of a one-story house, you might want to call backup for the two-story job.
  1. Stairs can create awkward angles for moving purposes.
    Difficult layouts like spiral staircases, U-shaped stairs, and L-shaped stairs are pretty common in two story homes. These stairs each have their own difficulties that a family must overcome when trying to move in. U- and L-shaped stairs have awkward bends that can make moving a bed, television, drawers, and other heavy furniture a total hassle. Trying to play life-size Tetris with a bookcase in an L-shaped staircase will make you feel like head case. Even with the simplest form of a staircase (straight stairs), the second story ceiling may cover a portion of the staircase, making it difficult to handle larger items. Fitting item A into staircase B takes mastery, and if amateurs try to play the game, they may end up with broken furniture and a medical bill.
  1. Stairs can drag out the move-in process for weeks.
    Although the stairs are eventually going to be a good fit for the family, no stairs fit well with a move. Those 10-15 steps might have seemed easy to climb the first 20 trips to the rental truck, but you realize that you are now gasping for air. You look inside the truck, and it dawns on you that you’re only 25% done with the process of transitioning your items into your new home—not to mention the fact that once those items are in the home, they need to be unpacked and put in their place. You decide to forgo the stairs, and you pile all your belongings into the living room, for now. As time goes by, the living room becomes a storage space. The thought of moving those boxes up the stairs gives you flashbacks of the move in day, and so it stays for weeks. This is how a family goes from excited about a move to depressed about their new space. Setting up the home is an integral part of making the space yours, but the space doesn’t feel like yours when the living room is cluttered with boxes.

You Don’t Have to Take the Stairs

Your new home is bought, and realistically, the stairs will make a great addition to your home. However, those stairs are more than a pain during the moving process. For this reason, you should look into Affordable Quality Moving Services. Hiring AQMS can leave you to enjoy all the aspects of your new home without having to deal with the logistics of cramming all your things up a staircase. Our services let your family acclimate to the house quickly, giving you time to turn your new residence into a home!

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