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When Is the Best Time to Move?

When planning your move, it’s easy to overlook the actual date of the move becauseĀ it seems like an insignificant detail. However, the day you choose to move can turn out to be a money and stress saver. Santa Clarita movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage have gathered useful information to help you find the best time to move. Our team of Santa Clarita movers is always ready to help make your moving process as easy as possible. Whether you need help packing, unpacking or transporting, our team is ready to help.

Best time of the Year to Move: An average of 46 million Americans move every year. Nearly 62% of Americans move between May and September. This is the time when moving companies are the busiest. It's the busiest season because it is the most convenient time for families to move when their children are out of school. If you are planning on moving, it may be cost-efficient to move before or after those busy summer months. Avoiding those months means you also avoid the most expensive time of the year to move since packing and moving services are in higher demand.

Best Time of The Month to Move: We recommend you to avoid moving at the beginning or at the end of the month. This is the time when most people are moving to new places, especially since leases typically start at the beginning or end of the month. If you have the opportunity to move in the beginning of the month, it will be the best time to hit the road.

When is the best day of the week to move? If you have the ability to choose any day during the week to move, we recommend choosing a day between Monday to Thursday. There is usually a high demand for movers during the weekend when they are off from work or school. So, if you are giving yourself a day off to move, some time during the week will be your best bet.

When is the Best Time of the Day to Move? The best time to start your moving day is early in the morning. Early mornings aren’t only cooler, but it also gives you more time to get things done. Waking up early will surely pay off because it will give you more time to unpack, organize, and transport your belongings.

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The Santa Clarita movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage are here to help you with any type of move. We are always updating our strategies to best serve your needs and make your moving process as easy as possible. This is why we offer full services such as storage, packing, unpacking, and transportation. Regardless of the time of the year, you decide to move, and we are here to assist you. Don’t be stress during your move and let your team of professionals handle the rest.

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