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When Is the Best Time to Move?

When planning a move, most people don't consider which might be the best day, month, or season to move. Compared to getting a truck, packing up your belongings, planning a garage sale, or any number of other tasks, the impact of your moving date might seem insignificant.

However, the day you choose to move can save you money, spare you from unnecessary stress, and make your move much more relaxed overall. The Santa Clarita movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage have gathered useful information to help you find the best month, the best day of the week, and even the best hour to move. Our team is always ready to help make your moving process as easy as possible. Whether you need help with packing/unpacking, transportation, or storage, we are prepared to help.

Let’s take a look at the best time to move by season, month, day, and even time.

Best Time of the Year to Move

On average, 46 million Americans move every year. Nearly 62% of Americans move between May and September. This window is the time when moving companies are the busiest. It's the most active season because it is the most convenient time for families to move when their children are out of school. If you are planning on moving, it may be cost-efficient to move before or after those busy summer months. Avoiding those months means you also avoid the most expensive time of the year to move since packing and moving services are in higher demand.

Spring is often an ideal time to move for many people, as the weather is mild and there is the opportunity of keeping kids in school and moving during spring break. Some people choose the very beginning of the year (January or February) to move because home prices are typically good. However, this will only work in warmer states where people don’t have to deal with snow, ice, and other winter weather hazards.

Best Time of the Month to Move

We recommend you avoid moving at the beginning or the end of the month. Those weeks are the time when most people are moving to new places, especially since leases typically start at the beginning or end of the month. If you have the opportunity to move in the middle of the month, it will be the best time to hit the road. You can probably get a better price for your move.

The Best Day of the Week to Move

If you can choose any day of the week to move, we recommend choosing a day between Monday and Thursday. There is usually a high demand for movers during the weekend when people are off from work or school. So, if you are giving yourself a day off to move, some time during the week will be your best bet for lower rates and easy availability.

The Best Time of the Day to Move

The best time to start your moving day is early in the morning. Early mornings aren’t only cooler, but they also give you more time to get things done, i.e., more time to unpack, organize, and transport your belongings.

Other Things to Think About

Every move is different, just like every person and family. When deciding when the best time is for your move, you’ll have to take a lot of different factors into account.

These are the top five things you’ll have to consider:

  • Budget: If you’re trying to save money, moving during the “off-season” is probably your best bet, but you will also have to think about whether this will work with the housing market, weather, and your family’s needs and schedule.
  • Weather: Avoiding extreme temperatures is a great idea for any move, making spring and fall better times for most moves. In the end, however, this will depend on where you are moving from and to.
  • Housing Market: The housing market has its ups and downs, and monitoring these will be a crucial part of your move. This is particularly important if you are selling your home and purchasing a new one. Finding the balance of the best time to move based on the housing market can be tricky.
  • Work: You might work in a field that has busier and slower times, and this is something to consider when moving. You might not have much of a choice in deciding when you need to move.
  • Family/Kids: If your kids are in school and will have to attend a new school once you move, you may want to plan your move for the summer so their studies are not disrupted. It can also be easier to make new friends at the beginning of the fall term when everyone is getting to know each other.

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