A family unloads boxes from a moving truck in the front yard of their new home

Is January a Good Time to Move?

The most common time for people to move, regardless of whether it’s across town or across the country, is the summer. This is largely due to convenience. Most families prefer to move when the kids aren’t in school and the weather is more moderate than during the cold winter months. However, due to this season’s popularity, it can also be difficult to schedule a moving date in the summer – let alone expensive!

If you’re interested in making your move a bit simpler and more cost-effective, and your timing is flexible, moving in the off-season could be the best option. The off-season is any time between October and April, but more specifically, the time following the December holiday rush can be optimal for your calendar as well as your wallet. January is a great time to move because, as most leases end on the last day of the month and begin on the first, you can take advantage of the full month after the holiday season has ended to prepare both the home you are leaving and the home you are moving into. Take the time to pack after Christmas; once all the decorations have been put away and the gifts have been given, it will be easier to assess everything you need to prepare for the move.

Another reason why January is an ideal time to move is because the best time of year to buy a home is in the early fall. The families who moved during the summer have already settled into their new homes, but the number of properties still available tends to create a buyers’ market. Should you purchase in the early fall, between the time needed to close escrow and complete any potential renovations, the soonest you might be able to move into your new home is the first month of the new year.

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