Should I Drive or Fly When Moving Cross Country?

Moving is stressful for everyone, especially if you are moving across the country. There are countless things you must do before you move; aside from packing and organizing, you also have to cancel memberships and notify different companies, like your bank, about your move. You are probably thinking about all the different things on your plate, but you might not have considered how you will be traveling to your new home. If you are moving across the country, you are probably wondering if you should fly to your destination or drive there. The team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has gathered tips on what you should consider when trying to decide how you should travel to your new home across the country.

Should You Drive or Fly for Your Cross-Country Move?

Let’s take a look at a few of the key factors that will be affected by flying versus driving for an out-of-state move. After you review these, you’ll be closer to making the right choice for your move.


One of the things you should consider when trying to decide if you should fly or drive to your new home is time. If you have to arrive at your new home by a specific date, flying there might be the safest option. Flying will help you arrive at your destination faster than any other form of transportation. However, if you don’t have a time restraint, driving might be a better option than bringing your children and pets on a long flight. You can also make it a fun road trip for your family, stopping to see the sights along the way!


Another thing you should consider when moving is the level of comfort you'd experience traveling by car or by plane. For some people, a car trip might be more suitable for your children and pets. However, a plane ride won’t require you or a friend to drive. Driving for long hours can be exhausting, which might be a deal-breaker for many people. However, if you don’t mind driving, it could be a rewarding experience. If you plan on driving, be sure to bring plenty of entertainment options for your children, such as travel games, card games, books, portable toys, and electronic devices.

Flying with pets can be tricky depending on the type of pet, their size, and the airline’s requirements or restrictions. Make sure you get all the information before you make a choice on whether to fly or drive with your pets.


Safety is another factor to consider when deciding how to travel for your move across the country. Statistically, air travel is a much safer method of travel because the likelihood of being in a plane crash is low. Driving, on the other hand, might come with some risks, such as flat tires, car breakdowns, traffic jams, and sleeping at the wheel, but many of these can be avoided by having your car serviced and planning out your trip ahead of time.


If you own one or more vehicles, they will have to get to your new home somehow (unless you plan on selling them before you move). It’s typically cheaper to drive your own vehicle to your new home than to pay for it to be shipped. Plus, you’ll have to purchase your plane ticket. You can find out the exact cost of shipping your vehicle by getting quotes from multiple companies, checking costs for a plane ticket, and then deciding whether it fits in your budget and is worth it. If you choose to drive, however, don’t forget that you might have to stay overnight in a hotel. That’s an expense you probably won’t have if you fly. Food is another expense that can add up when you drive across the country for your move, as you’ll most likely have to go to restaurants and fast-food establishments for all of your meals.

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