Get Your Clothes Packed Efficiently with 3 Simple Tips

Moving is a pretty time-consuming project. It takes a lot of effort to get all of your stuff organized, loaded, and secure while managing regular daily life. The energy you’ll expend will be emotional, physical, and mental. That’s why managing that energy is the key to a stress-free Moving Day.

The most time-consuming part of any move will be packing. For today’s blog, we wanted to talk about 3 ways to make packing your clothes more efficient and fast.

Donate or Sell Unused Clothing

This one’s a bit of a cheat, but we have a good reason. Most people make a rookie mistake when they move: they end up getting rid of excess clothing in the new place, after Moving Day. It makes sense, in a way—it makes sense to get rid of things once you know what fits in your new home. At the same time, moving all that excess material is physically and financially costly.

The best remedy is to just offload that excess clothing before you start packing. A lot of people keep clothes hoping they’ll fit in them one day. One of the best ways to get rid of clothing is to just keep the things that fit today. You can keep an aspirational outfit or two, but don’t fill your new closet with unusable clothing.

Keep Your Clothing in Your Dresser for Moving Day

Dressers are just wooden boxes, so why take your clothes out of your dresser just to put them in another box? Just tightly pack your dresser with your clothes still inside.

Here’s what you do:

  • Roll each piece of clothing like a scroll
  • Pack the dresser as tightly as possible
  • Wrap the dresser with plastic wrap to tightly secure the dresser drawers

Put a Garbage Bag On Your Hanging Clothes

This is the fastest way to pack up your closet. First, organize all your hanging clothes however you like. You can put all your button downs together, all your blouses together, all your wool or seasonal clothes together (or don’t).

Once you’ve grouped them, grab five or six hangers and enclose them in a garbage bag. Tie the bag at the top, and boom! You’re done! Using garbage bags like this to pack your hanging clothes protects them from stains and dust, makes it easier to move them into the new closet, and requires literally seconds to unpack.

The only thing? Make sure your clothing is absolutely dry before you pack them this way. Slightly damp clothing can get mildewy.

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