Simple Ways to Organize Any Room in Your Home

Let’s face it: sometimes, your humble abode can get a tad disorganized here and there — and that’s to be expected. It’s easy just to throw a shirt on a chair or leave your hairbrush on the bathroom counter.

However, now that you may be spending more time at home, here are some easy ways to create some more organization in your living space:

Easy Ways to Organize Your Home

Purchase Draw Organizers Online

One of the best ways to get the organization process started is to invest in some drawer organizers that can be purchased online! Whether you need one, two, or many to fill every drawer in your home, these are a great way to keep all your odds and ends organized! The best part? By putting a drawer organizer in your “junk drawer” (let’s face it, every home has one!), you’ll be able to find things much more quickly, rather than shuffling through it for an extended period.

Recycle Old Bowls and Cups

Do you have some dinnerware that you’re looking to part with — specifically bowls and cups? Depending on their size, you can repurpose them to organize items in your cabinets and drawers around your home! From filling an old cup with cotton swabs to putting paper clips in a snack bowl, the possibilities are endless!

Hang More Than One Shirt On a Hanger

This might be one of the best ways to organize your closet: doubling up your hangers — but how so? It’s simple: use an old soda can tab to get the job done. To accomplish this, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Once a soda can has been finished, safely break off the can tab at the top.

  2. After you have acquired the tab, slide one end of the aluminum tab onto the slim metal hook of a hanger.

  3. Next, take another article of clothing hanging up and place its hanger hook into the bottom opening of the tab.

  4. Finally, hang the first hanger back on the rack, and you’ll be good to go!

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