6 Moving Day Tips Using Regular Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap, also known as stretch wrap or shrink wrap, is one of the best tools an amateur mover could hope for. See, things often get damaged on moving day because they’re not packed tightly enough. When things have a chance to move around in transit, things will rattle, shake, and get thrown around. Plastic wrap, especially adhesive plastic wrap like Press’n Seal, can provide the perfect solution to that problem.

Today’s article outlines three really useful ways you can use plastic wrap to keep things safe and secure on moving day.

#1: Keep Your Drawers Shut

Problem: your fridge or your drawers won’t stay shut while you’re moving them around. It’s a pain in the neck, but it’s also potentially dangerous for your fingers and your belongings.

Solution: wrap the doors shut with plastic wrap. Sometimes people want to use packing tape to keep doors shut, but you must not do this. The adhesive of the tape can ruin the wood finish of your drawers or leave residue behind on your fridge. Plastic wrap keeps drawers shut without causing any damage. All you have to do is clean and close the drawers or doors on the item and then wind the shrink wrap around and around several times. For this type of use, larger rolls are typically ideal. You can find rolls of clear shrink wrap that are about 15” to 22” wide online or at most major retailers.

#2: Keep Jewelry & Small Items Organized

This tip comes to us from Organizing Junkie!

Whether you have a lot of jewelry or a lot of nuts, bolts, and workshop odds-and-ends, packing up tiny items without getting them mixed up or lost takes planning and creativity. If you don’t already have an organizer for tiny items already, take an ice cube tray and put those bits in each compartment. Then, wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap tightly so that each compartment is sealed.

For this use, Press’n Seal may be ideal because it can stick to the tray itself. If you have regular plastic wrap, you can wrap it around several times, tightly, to hold everything in place.

#3: Package Daily Doses of Supplements or Medication

This works best using Press’n Seal or similar products, but you can use adhesive plastic wrap to make little pouches for your daily medications. That way, you can pack up your prescriptions or supplements and just keep what you need for the week prior to moving day.

#4. Keep Wires and Power Cords in Place

Another helpful way to use plastic wrap for moving is to keep wires and power cords in place. You can wind the plastic wrap around the item and its cord, effectively attaching them together and keeping the cord out of the way. Loose wires and cords can present tripping hazards and may make it more difficult to move large, cumbersome items. It is also preferable to taping cords to items, as this can leave residue behind.

#5. Protect Furniture from Stains, Dust & Dirt

Shrink wrap is great for protecting fabric furniture from dust and dirt during loading, unloading, and transport. If you’re moving, you can wrap furniture like couches, dining room chairs, and recliners to prevent them from getting dirty.

#6. Secure Moving Blankets

Another helpful use for plastic wrap when moving is to keep blankets and pads in place. Furniture pads and blankets can protect your furniture from damage during your move, and by wrapping layers of shrink wrap around the blankets or pads to keep them in place, they can do what they’re meant to. Wood furniture like table tops, dressers, bed frames, and desks can be protected in this way. Larger rolls of clear shrink wrap are best for this purpose.

Those are just a few of the ways you can use plastic wrap for your move! The key is to be creative with what you have so that you can pack your things more securely, efficiently, and safely.

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