How to Properly Pack Glassware for a Move

As professional movers, we understand how important it is to pack your kitchen right. Because everyone needs to eat, the kitchen is always the last room to be packed up and the first to be unpacked. Given how central your kitchen is to your move, it’s crucial to pack your kitchen safely and confidently. Today’s blog is a guide to help you pack up your dishes securely and efficiently so you can enjoy an easy and stress-free move.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Sheets of packing paper or newsprint
  • Packing tape
  • Labels 
  • Marker
  • Medium-sized box

As a note, you can replace this entire project by using specially-designed dish packing boxes. Dish boxes are designed to keep glassware from rattling around, but the tradeoff is that they’re more expensive than regular boxes (and not particularly useful for anything else).

Step 1: Reinforce Your Boxes

Take your medium-sized box and put an extra layer of packing tape along the seams at the bottom. Glassware is heavy, and if you aren’t careful, your dishes could burst through the bottom of your box. 

After you’ve taped it up, line the bottom with wadded up balls of packing paper or newsprint. This creates a layer of cushion between the bottom of the box and the glass. Try to make a layer of paper balls about two deep.

Step 2: Wrap Dishes

For glass plates, lay a plate on top of two sheets of packing paper. Pull the corners toward the center of the plate until it’s completely wrapped. Then, put another plate of identical or similar size on top of that plate, and pull the corners of the second sheet of packing paper toward the center. Once both plates are wrapped in packing paper, tape it up.

For cups, bowls, or wine glasses, fill the cup with packing paper. Then wrap each item individually, including the handles or stems. 

Step 3: Place in Box

Dishes, cups, and glassware should go into boxes vertically, like you’re loading a dishwasher. Laying them flat makes them a lot more likely to break, but packing them vertically means they can take more impact without a problem. Pack plates and cups in separate boxes—the idea is to pack the dishes as uniformly as possible.

Once you’ve packed the box with as many dishes as you can, fill any gaps with wadded up packing paper. The key here is to make sure your cups or plates cannot move around while in transit. Movement = impact = breakage. The fewer gaps there are in the box, the safer your glassware.

Step 4: Label the Box!

Using your labels (or write directly on the box), write “Kitchen-Glassware” or however you’d like to label the items inside. Then, draw an arrow on the side of the box indicating which side should be pointing up. After that, make sure to label it fragile on the top and sides of the box. 

Whether you’re using a professional mover or you’re moving it yourself, it’s crucial to label which boxes need special care and handling. 

There you have it! A perfectly packed, safely stored collection of glassware. If you ever want professionals to handle packing your glassware for you, consider calling Affordable Quality Moving and Storage. Our Santa Clarita professional movers are trustworthy, insured, and experienced enough to handle any moving problems you may have. 

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