Why Prepare for Your Move a Month in Advance (& How)

Once you’ve found a new home and you’re ready to buy (and your current home is in the middle of selling), you need to start planning your move. It’s a big project, but if you follow our advice and break it down into manageable pieces, you should be able to knock a lot of your tasks out of the way quickly.

The key is to do as much of your Moving Day prep four to six weeks in advance. The more you do ahead of time, the more prepared you’ll be when unplanned complications pop up or unexpected problems arise. In the end, getting things done early is also a great way to give yourself piece of mind.

Here’s just a few of the things you can do over a month before Moving Day:

  • Lock down a move-out date. Seems obvious, but this is the date around which everything else falls into place. If you don’t have a move-out date yet, pick one asap.
  • Decide on whether you’ll have a moving company. It’ll take a few days to do research, schedule quotes, and whittle down your choices. Once you have all the information you need, you can make an informed decision about which moving company you choose (or if you’ll move on your own).
  • Inventory what you have. Take stock of your current belongings on paper or in a note app where you can reference it. Will it all fit in your new home? Will you need to downsize?
  • Get rid of the unnecessary stuff. We say it all the time, but purging your belongings before you move is a great way to save money and effort. This is a time-consuming step, so start as early as possible—even before you settle on a date, perhaps.
  • Start packing seasonal items, decorations, etc. All the things you don’t need at the moment should get packed up immediately. It spread out your effort so you won’t be exhausted on Moving Day. It also gives you a better understanding of what you should sell or donate.
  • Talk to children about the move. With weeks to go until Moving Day, now’s the time to get your children excited about moving. They might be sad at first, but that’s okay. A few weeks of talking it over and showing them the new home lets them warm up to the idea.
  • Send change of address documents. Credit card companies, friends, family, coworkers, utility companies, and other parties should all know that you’re moving. Use this time to let them know so you avoid unexpected problems in the future.
  • Find new service providers ahead of time. Moving somewhere new means finding a new doctor, dentist, veterinarian, repair shop, day care, salon, and all other kinds of service providers. Doing that now means you’ll be ready to go on Moving Day. This is also the sort of thing you can easily do on your phone when you’re in bed or waiting in line.
  • Schedule transfer or disconnection of service. Utilities like gas, electric, waste pickup, cable, internet, and satellite TV can all be scheduled to shut down ahead of time. You can save yourself unnecessary expense by scheduling shutoff before the flurry of moving-related tasks gets started.

Our Advice? Hire an Experienced Moving Company.

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