Moving Checklist

Moving Soon? Here’s How To Pack in a Hurry

In most cases, people need at least eight weeks to plan and pack for a move. However, not everyone has that much time available to move, and last-minute moves are common. If you’re moving soon, the team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has gathered some effective steps that can help you ensure a speedy sorting and packing of your move with little chaos.

Step #1: Get Rid of Stuff

One of the best ways to speed your moving process is by getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need or want. The more things you get rid of, the less you have to pack and move—this ultimately means less time and energy spent. The key to getting rid of unwanted items is to go through each room and separate them into three piles: keep, donate, and toss. Get your whole family involved in the process to get this done faster. Once all your unwanted items are out of your home, your moving process should go much smoother.

Step #2: Buy Your Packing Supplies

Although most movers like to hunt for suitable boxes that can be recycled or reused, it may not be the best option for a fast move. You might not have enough time to find reusable boxes or good deals, that is why you should purchase your boxes and packing supplies directly from a moving or hardware store. You will need to buy boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and furniture pads. Don’t forget to make sure you have the necessary tools to disassemble any furniture.

Step #3: Start Packing

After you’ve gotten rid of all unwanted items and you have the packing supplies you need, you are ready to pack. Although some people think that packing everything they own now and sorting later will save time, that isn’t necessarily true. We recommend you to pack unessential items from your storage rooms or garages first; then you can move from room to room to begin packing. Although you are moving in a hurry, it is helpful to label your boxes so that you make sure you don’t lose anything in the process of your quick move.

Moving in a hurry is an extremely stressful process. Get all the other things ready for your move while we handle the packing process! At Affordable Quality Moving & Storage, we offer a variety of services including packing, unpacking, and transportation. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate at (661) 622-2636!