Projects to Do Before You Move into Your New Home

Moving can consume a lot of your time, especially planning, packing, paperwork, and unpacking—but the moving process doesn’t stop there. Most people arrive at their home and face major renovation projects. If you are moving into a new home, renovations might not be necessary. However, if you aren’t, you most likely want to make changes. Whether it’s to get rid of the old carpet or change the wall colors, you should consider completing projects before you move in.

Painting Your New Home

It is (obviously) easier to paint a room that’s empty because you don’t need to move furniture, take down any curtains, or remove any decorations. If you are considering changing the color of the walls in your new home, this is a task you should consider completing before you move in. Plus, it’s nice to move in with a fresh coat of paint.

Re-Keying Your New Home

You never know how many key copies the previous owners made from the current lock on your new home. The previous owners could have given the key to neighbors, relatives, or even cleaning services. Changing the locks to your home will help you have peace of mind knowing your home is safe. Re-keying your home is a project that should you should complete before you move in.

Electric & Plumbing Updates

If your new home needs any electric or plumbing updates, it is best to get these repaired before you move in. Since most electricians and plumbers work by the hour, they will be able to work faster if they have immediate access to outlets or pipes. If you want to install a new lighting system, it is also easier to get these installed before you have moved in.

The Stress-Free & Affordable Way to Move

Once all your renovations are complete and you’re ready to move in, contact our Santa Clarita moving professionals. Relocating even a short distance is a labor-intensive job to do on your own, which is why Affordable Quality Moving & Storage is ready to help. We offer in-home estimates at an honest price, and we never tack on hidden fees. We pride ourselves on building a customer-oriented business, and we do everything we can to make your move as stress-free as possible.

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