Need One Piece of Furniture Moved?

When you’re moving to a new place, whether it’s in the same city or across the country, hiring a moving company is a no brainer. But what about when you have a smaller job in mind? If you only need one piece of furniture moved, for example, does it still make sense to hire movers or should you just do it yourself? 

Can You Hire Movers to Move One Item? 

The short answer is yes, you can hire movers to move one item. Even the smallest moves can be easier and safer if you hire a moving company. Depending on the size, value, and rarity of the piece or pieces that you need moved, a moving company like Affordable Quality Moving and Storage can help ensure that your items arrive at their destination safely with benefits such as insurance and professional packing services. 

What Is a Small Load Move?

A small load move is technically any move under 1 ton, or 2,000 pounds. Small moves may be just one item, such as a grand piano, a hot tub, or a couch. Many residential studio or one-bedroom moves can even count as small moves!  

Why Hire Movers for a Small Move?

No matter if you’re moving down the street or to a new country, it’s important to take care of your furniture and other items. After all, even the most well-made furniture can be incredibly fragile, and you want to make sure everything arrives unscathed! Hiring professional movers is the best way to get you and your item from A to B. 

Hiring a moving company for a small move is especially important when the item (or items) you need to be moved are bulky, fragile, or sentimental. Affordable Quality Moving and Storage always gives each item that we are moving for you the care and attention it needs to get to its next destination as safely as possible. That includes professional packing and unpacking services as well as long- and short-term storage solutions

Are you considering a small move? Are you still unsure if you should hire professional movers or do it yourself? Read our blog explaining the benefits of hiring a moving company rather than DIY: 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move by Yourself.

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