Moving Tips: How to Pack Wine & Spirits

If you’re getting ready to move, one of the issues you’ll need to tackle is how to pack and transport your wine and spirits. Whether you’re moving a $20 bottle or a $200 bottle, the last thing you want is a mess or to find it ruined when you open it in your new home.

Here are some helpful tips on how to pack your bottles so they’ll arrive safe and sound:

  • Get the right packing supplies. For packing wine and spirits, you can use a specialty wine shipping box. For larger or oddly shaped bottles, you might need to pack these individually. Wine boxes are available in different sizes and should include Styrofoam dividers that will keep the bottles snug and prevent them from bumping into one another and breaking. Be sure to clearly label boxes with wine and spirits as “FRAGILE.”
  • Pack your wine bottles the right way. If you’re packing red or white wine, pack them upside down or on their side, keeping the corks wet. This can help prevent spoilage or oxidation. For sparkling wine and champagne, pack these upright.
  • Protect your wine from harsh temperatures. If you’re moving in the summer or the winter, you’ll need to think about how extreme heat or cold could affect your wine. If you have a manageable collection, you can transport the wine in your own vehicle, where you can control the temperature. If you’re not driving or you have a large collection, consider a professional shipping company that can use a climate-controlled vehicle.
  • Remember, you can’t ship open bottles. If you have open bottles, finish them off (responsibly!), give them away, or carefully pack them in your own car and drive them to your new place.
  • Wait to open wine bottles for at least seven days after you move. If your wine was in transport for more than one day, wait even longer. Opening a wine bottle, particularly an old one, immediately after transporting it can result in a loss of flavor or disjointed flavor due to vibrations. This is also known as bottle shock.
  • Consider a wine shipping company. If you have an especially large or expensive wine collection, you may wish to contact a company that specializes in wine transportation. In fact, many interstate movers are not allowed to transport wine or spirits in their vans. Check with your moving company and make a decision based on your needs.

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