The California Exodus: Is Everyone Really Moving out of CA?

People are leaving California in record numbers. Whether you live in California or in another state, you’ve probably noticed that more and more people seem to be packing up and leaving the Golden State for areas where the cost of living is lower and their money goes further.

According to a report from the California Department of Finance, the state’s population growth hit a record low last year. This could be blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic, which did impact all real estate purchases during initial shutdowns, but this trend is nothing new. For the past 5 years, California has ranked among the top 10 states people are moving from.

Why People Are Leaving California

Why are people leaving California? Every individual, family, or business will have their reasons. Most attribute it to the high cost of living and doing business, high taxes, and even politics.

The coronavirus may have initiated a spike in relocations from California, with people working from home or unable to work at all due to lengthy shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. Those who were lucky enough to keep working, albeit from home, may choose to continue to work remotely from another state where the cost of living is more affordable due to lower home prices, property taxes, no state income tax, utilities, and more.

Some are also choosing to retire to other states, where property is cheaper and their savings, pensions, and Social Security income will last longer. As of April 2021, the median home price in California for a single-family home was $813,980. Compare that to the median home price in Texas that same month: $289,700, or the median home value in Nevada: $312,817. Selling a home in California and purchasing one in a state where real estate is significantly cheaper can mean that you could put a larger down payment on your new home, keeping living costs low.

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Helping with Your Out-of-State Move

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