How to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes After a Move

Whether you just started the moving process or just unpacked your belongings in your new home, you might feel as if you have millions (more like hundreds) of boxes lying around your new space. When that’s the case, the first thing on your mind might be to find a way to dispose of them once they’re empty.

However, if you’re looking to give your cardboard boxes a second chance, here are some fantastic DIY tips to consider!

Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes

Make a Chalkboard

Are you looking to create a space in your home where you can leave memos or inspirational quotes? If so, why not make a custom chalkboard with a cardboard box! To start, you’ll want to carefully cut one flat square (or pane) from the side of the box. Next, with some inexpensive chalkboard paint and a brush, entirely paint one side of the cutout cardboard and let it dry overnight.

Once dried, you can either add a decorative rope at the top of the custom chalkboard to hang it or even put the cardboard in an old frame (without the glass, of course). Then, once it is secured to the wall, you can begin to write your memos on this cool, custom piece in your home!

Create Custom Storage

In need of some new storage pieces around your home? With the help of some cardboard boxes, hot glue, and creativity, you can create custom pieces to store your belongings in! To start, take a few cardboard boxes (it doesn’t matter what size, you choose!) and cut the flaps off of the top or fold them inward on one side.

Next, measure the box and purchase a few yards of fabric. Once acquired, with a hot glue gun, apply the material to each side of the box, section-by-section; this will make for a smooth application. After that has been completed, you’ll have a new, decorative, functional piece!

Planning on Moving Soon?

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