7 Tips for Packing TVs, Computers, Consoles & Cables

Whether you work from home, live with a PC gamer, or have a state-of-the-art entertainment setup, you’ll need to pack your electronics carefully for Moving Day. Seeing as how your digital tools and electronic devices are the most valuable things you own (most likely), they shouldn’t get packed the way, say, your clothes or your books get packed.

Here are our professional movers’ 7 tips for Packing TVs, computers, consoles, and cables!

#1: Use Original Packaging

If you have the original packaging (side tip: always keep the original packaging), that’s your best bet for keeping electronics stored safely.

For one thing, you already know the packaging is designed to keep the device safe. For another, the original packaging means it’ll stick out from the rest of your boxes, so you won’t accidentally smash it with a heavier box.

#2: Back Up All Files to External Hard Drive

There’s no guarantee that your computer, laptop, or other storage device won’t get damaged or destroyed during your move. If that happens, it’ll pay to have a complete backup of your files and system on an external device—preferably either a small one or a waterproof one.

If you own an Apple computer, backup to an external device is fairly simple—just use the Time Machine feature and connect an external hard drive or USB drive. For Windows users, click on the Start menu, then select Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Set Up Backup.

#3: Use Anti-Static Bubble Wrap & Packing Materials

Computer parts are prone to damage by electrostatic discharge, or ESD. To prevent ESD damage, you’ll need anti-static packaging, which will protect your electronics from damage caused by unintentional static buildup over the course of the trip.

You can buy anti-static bags, foam, and bubble wrap from most big box and electronics stores.

#4: Wrap & Label Cords While Unplugging Them

The most time-consuming part of unpacking is figuring out where cables go and what they plug into. Given that your computer or your TV have so many accessories connected to each, we recommend taking a little extra time to unplug cables that go together, labeling each end to clarify where they go, and wrapping them together with the devices they belong to.

It makes unpacking much, much easier. And you can get your TV/computer/console ready to go on your first night in the new place!

#5: Keep as Many Devices as Possible in Climate-Controlled Environments

Electronics are potentially sensitive to both high and low temperatures. If you can, keep as many of your small devices in the car with you, like tablets, handheld consoles, laptops, etc. Anything that has to go in the moving van, try to keep it in the center of the van (away from the door or walls). That’s where temperatures will stay the most stable.

#6: Insure All Your Valuable Electronics

If there are devices that you simply cannot afford to lose—items you use to earn a living, for instance—then we recommend buying an insurance policy on those items. Policies for electronic devices are typically less than the cost of a monthly streaming subscription, but it offers a priceless amount of peace of mind.

Incidentally, if you hire a professional moving company like Affordable Quality Moving and Storage, we offer short-term insurance policies customized to the exact value of what you own. Give us a call at (661) 622-2636 if you want to have your electronics packed, shipped, and protected by well-regarded industry professionals.

#7: Make a List of All Accessories

Speakers, monitors, lights, hubs, remotes, controllers—these are just a handful of the accessories attached to your computer or TV. Keep a list of every accessory attached to your main devices. This will ensure that you have everything accounted for at the new place, and it’ll also make it easier to unpack and set up again.

And there you have it! Abide by these 7 tips, and every device you own should be safe and secure for the entire move. For guaranteed peace of mind, give us a call at AQMS. Our professional Santa Clarita movers are bonded, insured, and experienced with moving high-value electronics of all kinds.

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