How To Help Your Teen Cope With Moving to Another Country

Moving internationally is a big change for anyone, especially a teenager. Teenagers are already in a period of their lives that involves significant changes, which is why you will need to help your teenager cope with moving to another country. It will be difficult for your teenager to visit friends and to adjust to different customs. Thankfully there are ways you can prepare for these changes before you and your family move. The team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has put together some coping skills for teens moving to another country.

Get Their Input on the Move

If there are still some decisions to be made on your move, you should get your teen involved in the decision-making process. For example, if you’re still looking for that perfect home, ask your teenagers for their input and their opinion. You can find out what they like, don’t like, and what kind of bedroom they would prefer. Getting them involved in an early stage of the moving process will make them feel involved and will help them feel a little bit more in control of the situation. Leaving your teenager out of the process may make them feel confused or lost about what’s happening. This way, they will know what is happening, and they won’t feel out of place during the move.

Create a Scrapbook With Them

We know that there are endless things to do when preparing to move to another country; however, this is also a moment when your teenagers will need you the most. They will be leaving their friends, their community, and their home. A great way to help your teens cope with this big change is by creating a bonding opportunity by making a scrapbook or photo album. You can tell your teen to take pictures with their friends, teachers, neighbors, and any of their favorite places. Then you can create an album together so that they have a memory book of their former home. This is a great gesture to help your teens feel supported during this major change.

Get Them Excited About the Move

Another great tip to help your teenager cope with an international move is by getting them excited about the location you are moving too. Share the unique qualities and wonders of the country you are moving to. Maybe the place you’re moving too has great food, amazing shopping centers, or fun architecture. Regardless of what that unique quality may be, get your teens to see the wonders of your new home, so they become excited about moving.

Spend time with your teenager to help them cope with this major change while we handle the rest! We offer a variety of services including packing, unpacking, and transportation. Call AQMS today for a free in-home estimate at (661) 622-2636!