How Should I Transport My Stuff When Moving to Another Country?

Moving is a challenge, especially if you’re moving to another country. There are two ways to transport your things: by air and by sea. The method of transportation you choose should be based on your budget and how fast you need your items to arrive at their destination. The team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has gathered some information to help you decide which moving transportation option is best for you. We know moving is a challenge; that is why our team is always ready to assist you and make your moving experience an easy one.

Moving Your Belongings By Boat

When moving your items by boat they will be packed into shipping containers that are typically loaded at your home. The loading containers are then shipped by rail or truck to a port where they will be loaded on a boat as cargo. The container will later arrive at its destination where you will either be able to send your items to your new home, or you can pick up the container at the port, and you will be responsible for transporting your items from the port to your home. If you have a large move, you might need more than one container to ship your items. Most household moves involve 20-foot or 40-foot containers.

Moving Your Belongings By Plane

Moving items by air has become more and more popular because it takes significantly less time to transport than by boat. However, transporting your items by air might be a little more expensive. Transporting your belongings by air usually involves packing items into heavy-duty boxes. Transporting your items by air can also be a downside because you will have limited space compared to shipping your items via boat. However, the clear upside is speed and reliability. Since airplanes leave more often than boats, you only need a few days to prepare your belongings to transport then via plane. Whereas you will need weeks to organize a shipment when moving your items using a boat.

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