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Moving Is Exhausting: Here Are 5 Tips to Boost Energy During a Move

Moving is exhausting. It’s already hard to find energy during a normal day, so it’s especially hard to find energy during a move. If you are moving, you will need additional physical and mental energy to keep up with your normal routine while also preparing for your move. Thankfully the Southern California movers at Affordable Quality Moving and Storage have put together tips to boost your energy during a move.

1. Don't Underestimate the Power of Sleep

Sleep is often the last priority for people as they approach their moving deadline. In many cases, the only time you really have to devote to preparing for your move is after work or at night once the kids have gone to bed, but that doesn’t mean you should be pulling all-nighters. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do while preparing for a move because it helps you increase your energy and stay optimistic. You will have to make sacrifices and possibly sleep a little less than you normally do on some days, but sleep should still remain a priority. Getting sleep is a necessary part of boosting your energy every day to continue packing and organizing for your move.

If possible, tackle moving-related tasks on the weekends or enlist friends and family members to help with packing or even caring for your children so you can be more productive. It also helps to spread decluttering and packing over time, so you don’t have to cram it all in right before moving day and sacrifice your sleep.

2. Give Yourself Enough Time

Setting aside enough time to accomplish all of your moving tasks will prevent stressful situations that drain your energy. Resist the urge to procrastinate; start your moving process early. Instead of trying to get too much done in a short period of time, accomplish moving tasks in small intervals so you have the energy to get it done. The less you have to run around getting everything done, the less energy you’ll need.

Also, make sure you err on the side of caution when estimating how much time something will need. If you think packing your garage will take four hours, assume it will take twice (or even three times) that long. Set aside chunks of time for each task, but don't try to do too much at once. Having a manageable and realistic plan will save you hours of energy later – not to mention stress and sleep!

3. Practice Self-Care

One of the steps you can take to increase your energy is to practice self-care. Since stress and fatigue are closely linked, it is vital to keep a stress-free mentality to boost your energy during a move. It's easy to practice self-care, even as you get work done! You can diffuse stress-relieving essential oils into the air while you pack or use a face mask while you organize. Read some mindfulness quotes in the morning when you wake up. Sit down for a few minutes to enjoy your morning coffee. Take a short walk to get moving and get outside. Taking those extra steps to care for yourself while you move will help you decrease your stress and increase your energy.

4. Eat Healthy & Drink Water

Eating healthy during your move is important because good nutrition is vital to getting the energy you need. Many go-to moving foods are pizza, drive-thru orders, or take-out, but these foods will reduce your energy and will decrease your productivity. You might not have enough time to cook elaborate meals, but there are most likely inexpensive and delicious food options close by that are healthier and will give you more energy when you need it most. You can have these delivered, choose simple and healthy meals to cook, or even ask family members to help. Take that extra step to seek healthy food options near you.

When you’re moving, you’ll also want to drink lots of water to combat the exhausting effects of dehydration. Moving is exhausting, but staying hydrated will help. Even if the weather is cool, you need to drink lots of water during the hustle and bustle of packing, moving, and unpacking. You can also choose drinks that replenish electrolytes, like sports drinks.

5. Play Upbeat Music

A great tip to boost your energy while packing and moving is to listen to music that makes you want to dance. Playing upbeat music will keep your mind alert and will give you something else to focus on instead of packing. You can even make a moving playlist to put on while you’re packing, driving, and unpacking. The right music can set a positive mood!

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