What Should You Choose When Moving: Declutter or Storage?

We all accumulate items without thinking about it much—whether it’s books, clothing, or artwork. Chances are that each storage space in your home is filled with all sorts of stuff you have gathered over the years. You may not even realize how many items you have accumulated until you have to move to another home. Moving your belongings to a new home may come with a dilemma. Should you declutter some of your belongings and start off on a clean slate? Or should you keep them and possibly place them in a storage unit or separate room? The team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has come up with a list of things to consider when deciding to declutter or store unessential items during your move.

Should You Declutter if You’re Moving?

If you are trying to decide if you should declutter unessential items during your moving process, there is one main question you should ask yourself: do you still want to keep those items, or will you ever need/use them again? Then ask yourself why. This will help you decide if you should take out items because you no longer need them.

Benefits of decluttering your home when moving includes the following:

  • Fewer items to transport: The fewer items you keep, the less you will have to transport to your new home. This can save you on transportation fees.
  • Fewer packing expenses: The more items you declutter, the less you will have to spend on packing materials (such as packing paper or moving boxes).
  • Less packing time: Decluttering your home may actually reduce the time it takes you to pack.
  • More storage space: Since you won’t have as many items to store, you will have more storage space in your new home.
  • Make Extra Money: If you decide to sell some of your items for a profit, you can end up making a little extra money in the process of decluttering.
  • Donate to charitable organizations: If you don’t want to see your items go to waste, you can donate them to charitable organizations to help people in need. You can also deduct the monetary value of the donations you’ve made on your taxes.

Should You Put Your Stuff in Storage if You’re Moving?

Although decluttering may seem like a good option, you should still consider the option of placing your things in temporary storage. There are many items we may not use often that still have value or that are worth keeping.

Benefits of storing your items when moving includes the following:

  • No post-move regrets: In your attempt to minimize the transport costs, you shouldn’t get carried away with decluttering your home if you'll regret it later. If there are items you really want to keep and that are valuable to you, don’t take them out!
  • Sorting time saved: If you are in a moving time crunch, one of the greatest advantages of keeping your belongings is that you might save time. If you decide that you don’t have time to sort through all your items to decide if you should sell, donate, or give it away, then storing your items is a good option. You can always declutter down the line.
  • Keep valuable items: If there are items you don’t use often but are valuable and could come in handy, it might be worth storing it.
  • Short-term solution: Keeping your possessions in storage can be a good option as long as you understand that it’s only a short-term solution. Keeping your items in storage for a long period of time will result in wasted money.

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