What Should I Do With My Food When I Move?

If your moving day is just around the corner, you may be wondering what you should do with all the food you have in your pantry. There are things you can do to ensure that the food in your kitchen doesn’t go to waste. The Los Angeles movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Service have put together tips and tricks to clear your fridge.

Take Inventory of Your Food Supplies

Before you decided what to do with your food, you should assess how much food you have. Once you know how much food you have, you should be able to figure out how much of it you'll eat while you are still there. It will also help you decide how much of it you will need to get rid of.

You can take inventory by categorizing foods into several 'buckets,' including:

  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated perishable foods
  • Canned foods
  • Foods in glass bottles
  • Boxed items
  • Expired foods

We recommend limiting your trips to the grocery store before you move and start getting creative with the contents of your pantry and fridge. Consider avoiding eating out and save money by finishing off leftovers.

Throw Away Expired Foods

This one should go without saying, but don't bring expired or stale food with you. It's just extra weight, so purge your pantry of all the old, dusty, moldy food you've still got lying around. You should also remember to recycle any glass containers, cardboard containers, and get rid of any perishable foods you don't plan on eating.

Donate Non-Perishable Foods

A great thing to do with undamaged non-perishable food is donate it to a nearby shelter or food bank. Non-perishable foods include any canned goods, dried pasta, nuts, etc. To donate these foods, they shouldn't be expired and shouldn't be opened. You can contact your nearby food bank for more additional information on the specification of the food you can donate.

Let AQMS Handle the Rest!

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