Tips For Moving During the Holidays

Deck the halls with boughs of cardboard boxes and furniture — it’s time to move! Sometimes when you purchase yourself the best gift of all (a new home), you might find yourself moving when you least expect it, like during the holiday season. And since the holidays can be overwhelming to begin with (i.e., buying gifts, planning celebrations), moving can make it even more headache-inducing.

However, if you’re looking to make your move more festive and less stressful, here are some great tips to take into consideration!

Helpful Holiday Moving Tips

Hold Celebrations Earlier

The holidays can be a tad stressful, especially if you’re planning a move amongst the festivities. And if you’re used to hosting the big day at your home each year, that might be impossible if you have boxes everywhere. However, one of the best solutions to the problem at hand is to host your celebration early.

By doing this, you’ll allow yourself to keep the spirit of the holidays around and not miss out on the fun! And, by chance, if your kitchen is all packed up (or halfway there), you can opt to either make your celebration pot-luck style or order take-out, followed by using disposable utensils and dinnerware — it’s that simple and fun!

Shop Early

Since buying gifts online might not be ideal (think about it, you might be out of your current home before a package arrives), you’ll want to shop for your holiday gifts, at the store, as early as possible. This will not only make matters more straightforward for you, but you’ll feel less stressed knowing that you have presents for each of your loved ones ahead of time and won’t have to run out at the last minute.

Pack Decorations Last + Unpack Them First

For some homeowners, it won’t feel like the holiday season if there aren’t any decorations adorning the walls of their home. However, if you’re looking to spread some fun, festive cheer throughout your living space, there are a few ways you can still enjoy the magic of the holidays before and after the move!

Before your big moving day, you can lightly decorate your living room (or another popular room in the house)! And a day or two prior to the move, you can pack your decorations as the last items in your living space. Now, once you move into your new home, and if the holidays haven’t happened already, make sure to unpack your decor right after you take essential gadgets and gizmos out first.

Make it Special For Your Kids

When a significant change comes into your life, it can not only be a little overwhelming for you but for your children, too. And since moving around the holidays can cut into timeless family traditions, it’s essential to make it as special for your kids as possible. Whether that means letting them purchase a decoration for your new home or even letting them decorate their new bedroom, the possibilities are endless!

Once Moved In, Attend Local Events

Another great way to truly enjoy the holiday season is to find local events near your new home. This is ideal because not only will you be able to explore your new surroundings, but it makes for a great way to take a break from unpacking! And when you’re gallivanting on your holiday adventure, you might even have the chance to meet local business owners or even make new friends!

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