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Amazing Organization Tips for Storage Units

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller space or need to empty your house for a remodel, you may need to rent a storage unit. Although it may seem easier to stuff all your belongings into as small a storage unit as possible, it is much easier to have an organized storage unit in the long run. Having an organized storage unit can save you a lot of time in case you need to grab something during your remodeling or before your move is finalized.

Although organizing your storage unit can take time, we have listed a few tips to help your organizing be much easier!

Plan Ahead

Once you know what items you will be placed in the storage unit, it is helpful to create a general plan of how you will place the boxes and furniture before you get started. Make sure you have the measurements of the unit and take into account where the door is located. Then, you can plan how you will place everything inside. You can maximize the space by planning ahead!

Make a Map of Your Storage Unit

Mapping out your storage unit can help with organization. Your map doesn’t have to be pretty – it just needs to show where you have placed certain boxes or items. Keeping like items together and those used most near the front can help with arranging your map. Keep a copy of your storage unit where you can find it.

Label Your Boxes

Try to keep your boxes as neatly organized as possible while packing. For example, don't put cookbooks in the pots and pans box. That way, labeling will be crystal clear and won't rely on your memory being perfect weeks later. You can use a color-coded labeling system, and don’t be afraid to write details on boxes so you know exactly what’s inside without having to open it. Label the sides and tops of boxes so you can see what’s inside from any angle.

Create a Master List of All Your Boxes & What’s Inside

This step might be a little tedious, but by creating a master list of every box and its contents, you’ll be able to know what’s in your storage unit at a glance. You can handwrite this master list or create it as a spreadsheet on your computer. Photocopy the list or take a picture with your cellphone if it’s handwritten, so it doesn’t get lost.

Clean Your Storage Unit

Make sure your storage unit is clean to prevent any insects from nesting under your boxes. You can also put pallets or clear mats under your boxes to ensure they are on a clean surface.

Use Shelves for Storage

Investing in industrial steel shelving comes in handy for organizing your storage space. Having industrial shelving can help you store large boxes at eye level, making them accessible. Once you have your boxes labeled, it will be easier to organize your boxes and to find items you may need unexpectedly.

Stack Your Boxes

Creating secure and stable stacks of boxes is the best way to utilize all of your storage unit space. Place heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Some storage units are about 10 feet high, so stack as high as you can without jeopardizing your safety or your belongings.

Create an Aisle or Walkway

Depending on the size and layout of your storage unit, you should create a center aisle or walkway (or even more than one aisle) so you can easily access any box – even one at the back. Simply filling a storage unit without a plan or aisle will mean that you’ll have to take everything out just to find the one thing you’re looking for.

Disassemble Furniture for More Space

If you store disassembled furniture, you'll have more space to work with. Just be sure to keep all bolts and screws in a safe place so you know where they are when you need to reassemble them again.

Pack Important Documents Last

If there's anything you'll unexpectedly need, it will be your vital documents: birth certificates, insurance policies, tax records. Put those in an airtight box next to the storage unit door for easy access.

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