Tips to Unpack Quickly After Moving

Packing and unpacking are the most tedious parts of moving. People sometimes let boxes stack up for weeks until they finally finish unpacking. Some people will even find old boxes leftover from their last move when they start to pack for a new one! If you plan on moving soon, we bet you would feel a lot better if you could unpack instantaneously to enjoy your new home. We may not be able to do it with the snap of a finger, but we can at least make it a little easier on you!

Below, we've put together tips and tricks on how to unpack after moving.

Unpack Essentials First

Unpacking should start with the essentials. Once you have organized boxes according to the room they correspond to, you can start unpacking. Before you start on the process below, we recommend unpacking the room most essential to improving your quality of life. If your favorite relaxation space is your bathroom, unpack there first. If you feel most at home in your kitchen, start there. It’s impossible to unpack everything all at once, but beginning with the most important room can make you feel better as you move along.

Assemble Furniture Before Opening Boxes: When you arrive at the new place, you'll want to have a place to sit and a place to sleep! Once you've picked a room, assembling furniture is the first thing to do. You'll want to assemble furniture for another reason: it lets you arrange the room the way you want it with nothing in the way. Just make sure that you have the right tools at hand.

Unpacking the Kitchen: If you don’t have too much time, we recommend unpacking only what you need, like plates, utensils, pots, and pans. If you want, get major appliances and any small appliances hooked up to make your life a little easier. Otherwise, stick to basics!

Unpacking the Bathrooms: Get the basics squared away. This may include towels, a shower curtain, and your medicine cabinet.

Unpack Bedrooms: If you put the set of linens for each bed in a separate see-through box or bag, you should be able to get the beds ready for your first night easily. Bedroom organization can be unpacked by each member of the family. However, furniture arrangement and closet organization should be done first, before you begin to unpack smaller items.

Unpack the Living Room: You can unpack your couch, coffee table, and hook up your TV first. You will then have an area to relax while you continue unpacking the rest of the room. However, the living room might not contain many essentials, so this can be one of the last rooms to unpack aside from the essential items.

Unpack Decorations: Decorations are typically the last things to unpack, but these finishing touches can make your house feel more like home. Whether you’re placing decorative objects on shelves, putting picture frames on your nightstand, or hanging family pictures on the wall, unpacking decorations signifies you’re nearly done.

Unpack Storage Spaces Last

One of the last areas to unpack in your new home is storage rooms. Items stored in the garage are usually not essential, so they can be unpacked last. The patio items can be unpacked and set up at your leisure once you unpack the rest of the house. There may even be some boxes that do not need to be unpacked, like seasonal items. Make sure these are wherever they need to be when you’ll want to access them in the future, like in the garage or attic.

Unpacking Is Your Chance to Set up the Perfect New Space

Even though unpacking is a lot of work, when you unpack the right way, you have the opportunity to set up your new space so it looks and works just like you want it to. When you know how to unpack after moving, you can organize as you go, taking full advantage of your new home and everything it has to offer. The wonderful “newness” of moving is best experienced when you’ve unpacked and settled in.

Hire Our Professional Movers to Lighten the Load

Unpacking isn’t going to happen overnight, but these tips and tricks can help the process flow smoother. Hiring a Santa Clarita moving service can make your moving experience much easier! At Affordable Quality Moving and Storage, our professional packers can pack and unpack everything for you so you don’t have to. This can make the entire process go much faster, meaning you can enjoy your new home sooner than you think. We are a reliable long-distance and local moving company that has been helping customers since 1996. We also offer storage services, and we have offices in Santa Clarita, Temecula, San Diego, and Burbank to help customers throughout Southern California.

Unpacking is a chore, but it has a wonderful result. For more information on unpacking after moving and the services we offer, contact us today for a free quote: (661) 622-2636!