Why You Shouldn’t Rent a Moving Truck in Los Angeles

You are excited about your up-and-coming Los Angeles move, but you haven’t thought through the details of the entire move. You have to decide how you’re going to accomplish it, and you know that you can’t use personal vehicles. For this reason, you are looking into renting a moving truck to get the job done. However, there are many problems with using a rental truck in Los Angeles.

Curbside Service Is Limited

While you have your truck and your assistants, you may be surprised to realize that your new Los Angeles home doesn’t have any parking spots nearby where a giant moving truck can fit. In fact, to find a temporary spot for you to unload your valuables, you might have to park a couple of blocks away. On top of the distance, you may have to pay to obtain that distant parking spot. Taking your furniture for a walk down the streets of Los Angeles might seem like a good idea now, but on the fifth trip around the block, you will wish you had picked a different course of action.

Traffic Is Always Terrible

There is a reason why a variety of movies and TV programs talk about Los Angeles—because it’s ridiculous. You don’t know what patience is until you are drowning in a sea of bumper-to-bumper vehicles, which resembles L.A. traffic on the daily. Moving your belongings into, out of, around, or through Los Angeles is a test of determination, skill, and luck. If you want to increase your mental fortitude, take a rental truck through the freeways of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Drivers Are Intense

Our company has worked on the streets of Los Angeles long enough to know that the drivers here are not your typical mid-western motorists. If you want to witness drivers cut people off, drive 15 MPH over the speed limit, and believe that their car is impervious to any and all accidents, then Los Angeles will give you a front row seat to the action. The unfortunate truth of your predicament—should you choose to rent a truck—is that Los Angeles motorists are not going to give you any breaks. They will cut you off, they will yell at you for traveling the posted speed limit, and they will not care that you are in a rental. However, you care that you are driving a rental, and you will want to protect all of your belongings that are in your truck. If you really want to drive a rental truck with these people, you should probably tack on that extra insurance.

The Better Option? Hire Professional Movers.

If you do not have the personal vehicles to get the job done, and the above scenarios are not appealing, it’s time to turn to the best option: hiring a professional moving team. Affordable Quality Moving Services is dedicated to helping people settle in the Los Angeles area. If you want to skip the rental, the packing, and even the unpacking, then AQMS is the choice for you. We offer a variety of services to fit you and your moving needs, so if you need help, we’ve got your back.

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