How to Prepare to Move Furniture into a New Home

In many ways, furniture is directly tied to who a person is and how they express themselves. The colors, height, patterns, and even materials of someone’s furniture are usually hand-picked by a homeowner to represent their style and taste. While furniture can be aesthetically pleasing and give a home its “voice,” it can also be a pain to move from one home to another. There are plenty of types of furniture, but it is good to understand what kinds of problems you will face as you move furniture into your new home.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture fits in with the minimalist styles that are currently in-demand by younger homeowners. This furniture is durable, sleek-looking, and sturdy—meaning it’ll last a long time. However, depending on the metals that were used to create the piece, the item may be hard to carry due to its leaden frame. Additionally, metal furniture can easily scratch walls made of plaster, drywall, and wood. Therefore, you should use extreme caution when carrying metal pieces of furniture through an older home.

Wood Furniture

Furniture made of wood is a classic part of nearly every home. There are hundreds of thousands of wooden furniture pieces that boast varying designs, colors, and weights. Unfortunately, furnishings with better quality wood are much more substantial than the average plywood furniture. Higher quality wood pieces are also likely to get scratch when moved across pavement and concrete. Therefore, high-quality wood furniture is both difficult to carry and prone to scratching.

Additionally, some pieces of wood furniture are permanently fastened. Permanently fastened furniture is reliable in the home but problematic when it needs to be moved to a new home. Permanently attached pieces do not come apart, which means that awkward shapes, like the legs on a living room table, need to travel as is.

Permanently fastened furniture is tricky to move because:

  • It is not as pliable as other pieces of furniture.
  • It may not fit through nontraditional door frames.
  • It may be awkward to carry.
  • It is difficult to stack with other parts of furniture.

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture can be elegant pieces that transform a room into a timeless space. Arguably the most precarious of all furniture, glass pieces require extreme caution when moving. One misstep can cause your favorite furnishing to shatter right before your eyes. Therefore, larger glass tables, clocks, and mirrors should be handled by multiple individuals when moved. When moving glass pieces, the furniture and the surrounding items need be secured so they do not fall over or slide when in transit.

Helping You Move Your Furniture

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