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Pre-Move Organization Tips & Practices (Part 1)

Moving out is an overwhelming process—but after reading this blog post, it will get a lot easier! We have put together pre-move organization tips and practices that will help you get prepared for your relocation while easing your stress.

moving checklist

Tip 1: Create a Main Moving To-Do List

There are endless things to do before moving out of your home—so many things that it is likely you will forget some tasks in the process. Creating a master moving list will help you ensure that you complete every task needed before you relocate.

Regardless of whether it’s a small task (e.g. returning your cable box) or a big task like changing your address, keeping a detailed to-do list will help keep you organized during this hectic process.

Buy a notebook dedicated to your moving list, or create reminders on your phone—either will make it easier to make sure every important item gets handled.

Tip 2: Get Rid of All Junk Before Packing

There is nothing worse than moving items that you decide to throw away after your relocation. Every item you keep is another item you have to find space for—the less you pack, the easier it will be. Go through all your belongings thoroughly before packing to ensure you are only moving the items you really want to keep.

Chances are, you will want to redecorate your new home. If that is the case, you might want to get rid of the furniture before you move. Think about your new home décor before you pack up.

Furniture items are the bulkiest to move and if you leave them behind, it will make your life much easier—trust us! However, if there are large furniture items you can’t live without, give AQMS a call for help packing it up. We’re licensed and insured, so we’ll make sure it’s packed away safely and securely.

Tip 3: Sort Things by Category

A useful organizational tip is to organize your belongings by category and not by rooms.

For example, packing all your books, shoes, or important documents together will make it much easier to know where everything is when you need it.

Instead of spending a day clearing out an entire room, you can spend a few hours gathering all the books in your current home. This will make the packing process much easier and will help you identify what books you might want to keep or give away.

Tip 4: Pack Decorative Items First

Packing all art or decorative items is a useful moving tip that will make your packing process much simpler. Packing these unessential items first is useful because these often are the trickiest items to pack. They tend to be fragile or oddly shaped which can require extra materials to wrap them up properly.

Not leaving these items for the last minute will save you time and stress.

If you need help planning, managing, or executing your long-distance move, reach out to the international movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage today!