Pack Your Clothes for a Move with 3 Simple Steps

Moving has the potential to wear you down emotionally, physically, and mentally. That’s why managing how you spend your energy is the key to a stress-free moving day. Saving your energy during the packing and unpacking phases of your move means you’ll be able to be present, enjoy the transition, and prepare for the future.

Packing your clothes can easily become a task that eats up a lot of your time. In today’s blog, we’ll give you a simple step-by-step guide to make this process easier. Some of these steps might sound a little bit small, but trust us—when it comes to a move, the small things add up. Here are the three steps to take to efficiently pack your clothes:

1) Donate or Sell the Clothes You Don’t Use

This one’s a bit of a cheat, but we have a good reason. Most people make a rookie mistake when they move: they end up getting rid of excess clothing in the new place, after moving day. It makes sense, in a way, because sometimes you may choose to donate or sell clothes once you discover your new place doesn’t have room for them. At the same time, moving all that excess material is physically and financially costly.

The best way to get rid of clothing you don’t need or want is to do laundry and make sure each piece of clothing is actually something you want to keep. A lot of people keep clothing they haven’t worn in years. Why?

Here are some of the common reasons people keep clothes they don’t use:

  • We’re hoping it’ll fit again one day
  • We use ratty, old clothing for work around the house
  • It’s out of style, but we have good memories associated with it
  • We just haven’t thought about it in a while

We have to be honest with ourselves to get rid of clothing. We might need to realize that, while we still hope to fit in that dress or those jeans one day, we need to keep the clothes that currently fit. We might need to realize that no one needs two dozen old work shirts from 1999. We might need to realize that clothes we don’t wear anymore are just taking up space without giving us anything in return.

2) Keep Your Clothing in Your Dresser on Moving Day

Dressers are essentially boxes, so why take your clothes out of your dresser just to put them in another box? Just tightly pack your dresser with your clothes still inside.

Here are the steps:

  • Roll each piece of clothing like a scroll
  • Pack the dresser as tightly as possible
  • Wrap the dresser with plastic wrap to tightly secure the dresser drawers

This is a great place to pack your bedsheets and towels, but you might want to mark which drawer they are in so you can find them quickly when you are unpacking. Also, if you hire a professional mover, let us know that your dresser is full.

3) Bag Your Hanging Clothes

This is the fastest way to pack up your closet. First, organize all your hanging clothes however you like. You can put all your button-downs together, all your blouses together, all your wool or seasonal clothes together—or don’t.

Once you’ve grouped them, grab five or six hangers and enclose them in a garbage bag. Tie the bag at the top, and boom! You’re done! Using garbage bags like this to pack your hanging clothes protects them from stains and dust, makes it easier to move them into the new closet, and requires minimal effort to unpack.

The only thing? Make sure your clothing is absolutely dry before you pack them this way. Slightly damp clothing can get mildewy.

Some of your clothes—like your wedding dress, vintage pieces, or designer items—might need a little more protection. A garment bag or box is the best way to keep them safe during the moving process. Either option can reduce the chances of your clothes getting dusty, wrinkly, or damaged during your move.

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