Why You Need to Buy a Clear Plastic Bin Before Moving

An organized move is all about keeping the right things accessible, and putting the rest into boxes and forgetting about it. Your brain isn’t meant to hold onto a million little details at once, so trying to remember which box you put your toiletries, which box has the cutlery, and which box has the sheets and pillows will drive you crazy.

Instead, we recommend making a box of “Need Right Now” or “First Night” items:

  • Bedding
  • Cutlery/plates
  • Shower and hygiene items
  • Tools for assembling
  • Lamp/light source
  • Medications
  • Pajamas
  • Change of clothes

If you have kids, then you might want to have a box of “First Night” items for every person (except for cutlery, of course). The idea is to make sure that for your first night in your new home, you’ll have everything you need for “normal life” to resume: toothbrush, pillow, favorite book, etc. Having all the essentials in one box makes it easy to relax without digging through countless identical boxes for the one thing you need.

But how do you make sure your box of essentials doesn’t get lost in all your things? That’s where having a clear plastic bin is ideal. A clear plastic bin is the best way to make sure your essential items are easy to find. It even makes finding the exact item you need easier!

Clear plastic bins are pretty much at any big-box store, but The Container Store is a great place if you need to buy a bunch of clear boxes at once. If you want a set of four 74-quart clear bins, they’re sold for about $28 each. It’s a bit of an investment, but it’s absolutely worth having in order to make your first night in the new home as easy and stress-free as possible.

To make your move even easier and more stress-free, speak with AQMS to schedule a free in-home estimate for your moving costs!