3 Ways to Use Press-N-Seal During a Move

Here’s a secret: Glad Press’n’Seal is an amateur mover’s best friend. One of the most common reasons things get damaged during a move is that they’re loosely packed or rattling around in a container without anything to secure them. Press’n’Seal is the answer to all those problems.

(In case you’re wondering, no, this isn’t a sponsored post. We just like useful things.)

So, today’s blog is all about using Glad Press’n’Seal (or, if you’re in a pinch, any plastic wrap) to make sure your stuff arrives safely, securely, and in one piece. Here are three ways we think Press’n’Seal can make your move easier and simpler.

#1: Keep Your Drawers Shut

Problem: your drawers and/or fridge doors are able to open and slam shut freely while you’re moving them around. It’s not only inconvenient, but it’s potentially dangerous and could damage you and your things.

Answer: wrap your doors shut. Sometimes people make the mistake of using packing tape to wrap up drawers and cabinets. DO NO DO THIS. Tape can ruin the finish of your items, pull up paint, and leave a nasty residue all over your cabinet doors and drawers. Plastic wrap can tightly secure those doors without leaving anything behind.

#2: Keep Loose Items & Jewelry from Flying Around

Do you have a lot of small bits of jewelry you’d like to keep from getting thrown around or lost in a move? Alternatively, do you have a lot of small tools or bits in your workshop you need to keep from getting lost?

For this tip from Organizing Junkie, you just need an ice cube tray and your plastic wrap/Press’n’Seal. Put your items in the compartments of the ice cube tray, then wrap tightly. And done! You now have a secure package for the tiny items you want to keep organized and accounted for.

#3: Package Daily Doses of Medication or Vitamins

Using squares of Press’n’Seal, you can make little pouches for your daily vitamin or medication doses. If you’re moving and you don’t want to keep your entire supply of prescription medications in your “First Night” box, then you can make a few days’ worth of medication wrapped in Press’n’Seal.

That’s not even close to all of the ways you can use plastic wrap during a move! For more tips and tricks, visit our blog or call AQMS to help you get organized for your move!