How to Pack Your Clothing as Space-Efficiently as Possible

Facilitating a stress-free move is about one thing: saving your energy for the things that matter. Saving your energy during the packing, travel, and unpacking phases of your move means you’ll be able to be present, enjoy the transition, and prepare for the future.

Today, to help you save energy, we’re going over the most space- and time-efficient ways to pack your clothing. Some of these steps might sound a little bit small, but trust us—when it comes to a move, the small things add up. Here are three steps you need to take for an efficient move:

#1: Donate or Sell the Clothes You Don’t Need

The most common mistake people make during a move is they wait until afterthey’ve transitioned to the new place before they clean out their closets. Waiting until the end to filter out your clothing wastes your time, your space, and (depending on how much clothing you own) your money.

It’s time to walk through your closet and interrogate each piece of clothing you own. “Why are you here? Why do I still own you? What do I get out of you?”

The most common reasons we’ve seen people keep old clothing include:

  • They used to fit in it, and they’re hoping to fit in it again one day
  • It’s an old, ratty shirt that they use for working around the house
  • It’s out-of-style, but you haven’t brought yourself to get rid of it

It takes a little bit of honesty to get rid of clothing. You might finally give up on those pants or that dress that you’d always hoped would fit you again one day. You might realize that you don’t really need a dozen “work around the house” shirts from 1995. As for those pieces that were all the rage ten years ago? When was the last time you wore them?

#2: Pack Your Dressers

Sometimes, we do this strange thing where we take things out of a storage device and put them inside of another storage device. Dressers are already built to hold clothing, so why do we unpack them? Here’s our take: keep your clothing (at least some of it) in your dressers. Roll each piece of clothing and pack them securely. If you hire a professional mover, just be sure to let them know the dresser is full!

Secondary tip: keep your clean towels and bedsheets in a marked drawer, so you know exactly where to find them when you unpack.

#3: Bag Your Hanging Clothes

This is a great tip for getting your closet squared away for Moving Day. First, organize your clothing by material (e.g. wool, cotton) or by type (e.g. work, sports). Then grab five to six hangers at once, and slide a large garbage bag up from the bottom. At the top, use the garbage bag’s drawstrings to tie it to the hook on the hanger.

Voila! Your entire closet will be protected from dust, stains, etc. for the duration of the move. Additionally, to unpack your closet, you’ll just need to slide the garbage bags off. Just make sure your clothes are completely dry before bagging them.

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