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5 Things to Do Immediately After You Move

If you’re reading this and you just moved into your new home, we have something to say: congratulations on your new place! And while moving can be quite an exciting, yet stressful time in one’s life — there’s nothing better than upgrading and moving into a new space! Of course, once you settle in, there are some things that you should do besides unpack. Not sure what those entail? Here are a few pointers to take into consideration:

#1: Check Your Utilitieswoman typing on phone

Picture this: you’re spending your first day in your new place, and upon trying to turn the sink on to wash your hands, you realize that you’re water-less. While this is usually a rarity when you move into your new home, since you’ve most likely have spoken to the water company beforehand, there is a chance that this task may have slipped some homeowners minds. If you might have missed this step in the moving equation, don’t panic — remain calm.

Just call your new water company, followed by your electrical company (and plumbing company if you notice a plumbing problem) and make sure everything is intact and ready to go.

#2: Locate the Essentials

You know exactly what we’re talking about: looking for that box (or boxes) packed with essentials that you use in your day-to-day! From silverware to towels, there are a few things that are more of a need than a luxury! And while it might seem like a great idea to start unboxing everything at the start, you’ll eventually see that it might make matters a tad more overwhelming when you’re actually on the hunt for a specific item (or two).

#3: Clean Around the House

Before you start assembling furniture and rearranging each room, make a conscious effort to clean beforehand. Sure, the previous owners of the home (if applicable) might have cleaned before they left, but there’s a chance that they might have left dust and other debris behind. No matter what, it doesn’t hurt to put on a pair of rubber gloves and clean various surfaces around your new home! Additionally, make sure to vacuum any carpeting, clean doorknobs, and make sure to scrub the toilet! Not only will this be the perfect equation to having a clean home, but you’ll feel much more at ease.

#4: Ward Away Unwanted Guests

One element that most new homeowners don’t take into consideration is their lock situation. Think about it: when you received the keys to your new home, there’s a very likely chance that the previous owners didn’t change the locks; they kept the same ones they had before you purchased their house. If that’s the case, they might have a spare key with them that they forgot to hand over. Sure, it’s very slim that they’ll just come on by and unlock the door — but for your safety and the ultimate peace of mind, it’s best to have all external locks replaced.

#5: Assemble Important Rooms, Firstmodern white and black kitchen

Now, this might seem like a “given,” but it’s essential to assemble the most essential rooms in your home, first. Sure, it might be exciting to set up your office or start decorating the guest room (especially if your old house didn’t have these “bonus” rooms), but you should start to think about your sleeping situation, first.

Starting with your bedroom, rearrange the furniture, make the bed, and fill your dressers and closets. Once the space is “livable,” it’s time to move onto your bathroom, followed by your kitchen, living room, and so forth. This can help immensely with stress levels as your house starts to feel more like a home and you can more easily get back to day-to-day life as quickly as possible. If you need help with unpacking, we can help with that too!

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