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The 8 Best Apps to Make Moving Easy & Foolproof

Moving internationally requires extensive planning and organizing, but thankfully, there are resources available to help you. Smartphones now offer a variety of apps that help international movers search for a new home, organize their packing, and settle into their new location. Affordable Quality Moving & Storage created a list below of the 8 best apps that will make your move a lot easier.

Apps to Find a New Home

Searching for a new home can be overwhelming, but with the help of these apps, you can find a new home faster than ever. The following apps provide you with useful resources and information that making moving easy.

  1. Zillow: The first step to moving is finding a new home. Zillow is one of the best apps for helping you find a new home to rent or buy. This company helps you search through thousands of house and apartment listings throughout the United States and Canada.
  2. Redfin: This app makes it easy to buy and sell your home. They offer full-service, local agents who get to know you over coffee and on home tours. They also provide you within online tools that make buying or renting a new home in the U.S. smarter and faster.
  3. Trulia: This is another app that makes it easy for movers to buy and rent a home across the United States. This app provides recommendations, local insights, and helpful information about different locations.

Apps for Packing

While you're packing and getting ready to move, you may need help getting rid of unnecessary items. The following apps will help you with your packing process to ensure you organize the things you want to keep and get rid of the things you don’t.

  1. Letgo: This is a free app for selling and buying within your community. You can take photos of the items you want to sell, upload it, and quickly get in touch with buyers.
  2. Facebook Marketplace: This extension on Facebook is also a great tool to get rid of unwanted items. Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to sell furniture and other things to people within your community.
  3. Sortly: Unplanned packing can lead to confusion and frustration. Thankfully, this app helps you avoid all this stress by making it easy to categorize items by room and keep track of them with a moving checklist. You can even create labels to place on boxes and scan them with the app. Sortly makes staying organized easy and stress-free.

Organizing Your New Home

  1. Magicplan: Arranging the floorplan for your new home can be challenging to visualize. Thankfully, the Magicplan app uses augmented reality to create floor plans by walking around the space with your phone or tablet. This app also helps you create a basic floorplan without having to remember the dimensions.
  2. TaskRabbit: After moving into a new home, there is a chance you may need a handyman to make repairs or adjustments. TaskRabbit is an app that matches you with freelance workers for all types of projects, including patching holes, cleaning, and painting.

We understand that packing and shipping your items can be overwhelming and expensive. Affordable Quality Moving & Storage can help you relieve all the stress from moving because we can pack, unpack, and transport all your belongings for you. Contact our Los Angeles moving professionals today for a free estimate at (661) 622-2636!