4 Ways to Help Your Teen Deal with Moving to a New City

Moving often means new friends, a new neighborhood, and a new home. These changes can be difficult for anyone to handle, especially a teenager. It can be difficult for them to leave friends behind and move to a new school, but with these tips on adjusting to change, you can make this transition a little easier. Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has provided helpful advice on how to help your teenager with your relocation.

Share Moving Details

The idea of moving can be difficult for any teenager, especially if they don’t know what to expect. That's why it's important to share all the moving details with your family. Share details about the new neighborhood or unique features of your new home. This can help teenagers become familiar with the changes and make them feel integrated into the family’s decisions.

Get Their Input on the Move

As you share all the details of your move with your teenager, ask for their input on major decisions. This can help them feel involved in the project and gives them the opportunity to feel like their choices matter. This brings awareness of the future and can make them feel more in control of the situation. It can also be helpful to give them a project to work on, whether it is with remodeling or creating a packing plan.

Be Supportive of the Transition

It will mean a lot to your teen if you show support and empathy for their challenges. You can do this by asking them how they would like to say goodbye to their friends. Do they want to throw a party, or would they rather have a weekend get-together with a few close friends? You can plan this together to ease the process of leaving. You can also take them on a tour of their new school. Research different clubs or teams they can join before school begins so they can make new friends.

Make Memories

Moving is the beginning of a new chapter for your family. Get your family to engage in taking pictures and videos of the moving process. Encouraging pictures and videos can help your teenagers become engaged with the move in a creative way—aside from assigning moving “chores.” Although moving is a difficult process for many, they are still wonderful memories for your family!

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