Tips to Getting to Know Your New Neighbors

Moving into a new home always means you will be getting to know new neighbors. Meeting the people that live around you isn’t just to spark new friendships; it also helps to have a friend nearby in case of an emergency. While you may want to introduce yourself to your neighbors as soon as you move in, there isn’t always a chance. With so much time spent to unpack and settle in, meeting your neighbors may be the last thing on your list. However, there are some things you can do to casually meet those who live around you’ve settled into your new home.

Spend Time Outside Your Home

A great way to get to know your neighbors is by spending time in your front yard. You can take at least half-hour in the evening reading a book or a magazine, enjoying a glass of wine, or maybe working on your garden. Spending some time outdoors is a great way to naturally start conversations with those walking by, or with other neighbors spending time at their porch. You can strike conversations and introduce yourself to those you see walk by.

Host a Cocktail Party or a Wine Tasting

One of the most popular ways to meet neighbors is by hosting a small get together. A great thing to do is ask neighbors to bring their wineglass or beer glass to the party. Hosting a party in the evening and offering wine, beer, sodas, along with some snacks is a great way to mingle with neighbors. If you don’t want to host a gathering at your home, hosting a picnic at a nearby park is also a great idea that requires little effort. Getting to know your neighbors doesn’t always require an elaborate get-together or a formal introduction. Sometimes all you have to do is prepare a delicious pastry and share it with a neighbor. This is the perfect gesture to introduce yourself.

Get Involved in the Community

Another great way to get to know your neighbors is by getting involved in the community. If you have children, partaking in parent conferences and school volunteering is a great way to meet other parents that live around you. You can also join other groups like your community hiking club, a board game meet-up, or a local sports team. Although you might not get to know your immediate neighbors, it is a fun way to meet other people in your community.

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