Bubble wrap

What Else Can I Pack With Besides Bubble Wrap?

When you’re in the midst of packing for your move, it might seem as if your only option to protect fragile items is to roll them in bubble wrap carefully. Now, what if we told you that there are quite a few different ways to keep those delicate objects safe with the help of some other wonderful materials? If you’re at wit's end purchasing bubble wrap at your local shipping store, here are some other things to try!

Inflatable Pillows

You know them well: those inflatable, clear pillow-like balloons that you might find in the box of some of your most recent online purchases! While these new-fangled devices may seem like a dream to have in your possession, they’re rather easy to purchase on your own! Of course, these “little pillows” won’t come inflated, but it’s rather simple to do!

Packing Peanuts

Another great way to pack your most prized possessions is with packing peanuts! Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these little guys will be another great way to ditch the bubble wrap and make sure that all of your belongings will get to your new home in a safe, unbroken manner! One tiny detail that you may want to look into is purchasing biodegradable packing peanuts since their older sibling isn’t too friendly to the environment.

Old Concert T-shirts

Did you, or do you attend a lot of concerts? If so, there’s a chance you might have a series of tour shirts lined up in the bottom drawer of your dresser. If those shirts are sitting there collecting dust, put them to work! The best way to utilize old t-shirts is to layer them along the inside of a box. Next, make sure to wrap/roll your belongings in the shirts!

Planning on Moving Soon?

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