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Looking for a Professional Mover? Here's How to Recognize a Scam:

At AQMS, we know what it's like If you are planning about hiring a professional moving company to internationally transport your personal belongings, it is important to hire moving experts that you can trust. Before you sign any contracts, take the necessary steps to ensure that you won’t be scammed during your relocation.

The Red Flags of an Shady or Dishonest Moving Company

Below we have put together a list of tips on how to avoid fraud during your move.

Asking for Payment Before the Move: If movers ask for full payment before the move, it could be a scam. Some 'moving companies' will pack up people's homes after taking their money and abandon it in a storage facility or the side of the road. It's not worth dealing with companies that want your money upfront.

Bad Reviews That Have the Same Complaint: A great way to know if a moving company is reliable is by reading reviews from people that have used their services before. Checking online reviews is a great way to see if a moving company has great customer service and if they are dependable. If the majority of their reviews are bad (and bad for the same reason), stay away. For extra security, check their complaint record with the Better Business Bureau.

The Business Has a Home Address: Legitimate movers will have a real address. It is vital to look up a company’s address to make sure that the location is legitimate. If a company doesn’t have a legitimate address, they might not be reliable.

Over-the-Phone Estimates: If a moving company refuses to do an in-home estimate, they're not being honest with you. The only way to get an accurate quote is by doing an on-site estimate. If they ask for your signature without a thorough look at your home, they might be low-balling you only to increase their price once you've committed to them. For international movers, expect them to ask for a thorough inventory of your home.

Lack of a License: A moving company needs a federal license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) if they are making an interstate move. If they don't have a license, they're not a legitimate interstate mover.

Lack of Insurance: All moving companies should be insured in case your personal belongings are damaged or missing. It is vital to ensure that they have insurance in case something was to occur to your personal belongings. If they don't offer to insure your belongings or your contract is vague, don't give them your business. Good contracts include hard figures about the worth, weight, and space of your belongings.

For a reliable and trustworthy moving company, contact AQMS today at (661) 622-2636. We provide free on-site estimates for a dependable move in your neighborhood and between coasts!