Are Full-Service Moving Professionals More Affordable Than You Think?

Many people believe that hiring a full-service moving company is more expensive than hiring a shipping container service...but the truth might surprise you. In most cases, it's actually not much of a cost difference to hire a pro to do all the lifting and coordinating, especially when you consider the cost of doing all the labor yourself.

How Is a Full-Service Moving Company Cost-Effective?

When someone is planning a long-distance move, they tend to assume it's less costly to pack items on their own, hire workers to load it up, and hire a shipping company to transport it. However, it's far more costly and stressful than hiring a full-service moving company.

Here's how:

Recently, one of our recent clients called looking for a shipping company to move his belongings from California to Texas. His plan was to pack up, hire local muscle to load up his boxes, then use a shipping company to take it to his new place. He was then planning on unloading the shipping container by himself.

His plan sounded cheaper, but it also meant that he would need to pack up his entire house and disassemble furniture by himself. It also would require him to hire strangers to handle all of his belongings without any insurance or accountability and expose him to liability if any of those workers ended up getting hurt. Worst of all, it would require him to either hire more workers to unload the container...or work by himself for hours in the Texas heat.

Our client initially shut down the idea of using a full-service mover because he thought it would be too expensive, but once we explained what we provided, he learned that it was more affordable than other quotes he had received (and those other quotes didn't include as many services). He ended up booking our service once he discovered we were actually the better option.

AQMS' Full Services

Unlike other companies that simply transport, load and unload your personal belongings, our movers go above and beyond to ensure that your moving experience is as stress free as possible.

Our movers can:

  • Insure your belongings
  • Pad/shrink wrap delicate items
  • Pack all your belongings
  • Disassemble/reassemble furniture
  • Load your belongings
  • Transport your belongings
  • Unload and unpack at your new home

All our professional movers are licensed, insured, and drive fully-loaded trucks throughout the country every day. When you put your valuable items in our hands, you can trust they will reach their destination safely.

The Stress-Free & Affordable Way to Move

Not only can hiring a moving service be more affordable than doing it yourself, but it can also relieve you from all the stress of moving. Relocating even a short distance away is labor-intensive and potentially emotional, especially if you're on your own. We offer free in-home estimates and never tack on hidden fees. We pride ourselves on building a customer-oriented business, and we do everything we can to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

Make life a little easier and call (661) 622-2636 for a fast, safe, and stress-free move.