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5 Packing Tips to Keep You From Going Crazy

Are you planning a big move but don’t know where to start? Those feelings of dread and anxiety may seem permanent, but they will go away if you prepare and execute a solid packing plan.

Whether you plan to move across town or across the country, certain packing principles remain the same. If you follow a few simple tips, your next move will come off without a hitch.

1. Make a Detailed List

Everything starts with a list. Your master list will be the sacred document that guides your move. You can use a spreadsheet or an old-fashioned notebook, the choice is yours.

Create a numbered list with space for a description. Each number on your list will correspond to a box that has been packed. In the space provided, you will describe exactly what is in each box. The more specific, the better. Do not just write down “dishes,” instead, write down “holiday place settings.”

This way, you will know the exact contents of each box and will be able to group like items together.

Make copies and keep them in a safe place, like in the glove compartment of your car or in the box marked “Number 1.” This way when you get to your new home, you will be able to unpack with confidence.

2. Get More Supplies Than You Think You Will Need

You will need lots of boxes, yards of packing tape, and dozens of labels — more than you currently think you will need. Right now, whatever amount you’re about to settle on, you should add about 30 percent on top of that number. Of course, you may have some leftover materials — but it’s better to have more, rather than making a mad dash in the middle of packing to re-stock.

Certainly, the essentials you will need are, but not limited to: strong packing tape, bubble wrap or packing paper, pens and labels — and keep a few extra boxes around for moving day. This way, you can pick up last minute items like cleaning supplies, sheets and towels.

3. Use Wardrobe Boxes

These tall, sturdy boxes are the perfect tool for your next move. They are great for storing bulky items such as blankets and pillows.

If you are using a moving company, have them send over a few wardrobe boxes in advance so you can begin packing clothes and bulky items. One good trick is to place shoes, purses, sweaters, and jeans in plastic shopping bags and place them at the bottom of your wardrobe box. Then, simply hang your clothes in the box as normal. This way, you utilize as much space as possible — but just make sure not to overpack the boxes or they’ll be too difficult to lift.

4. Keep Things Together

When packing, it’s important to keep items together. For instance, keep lamps and light bulbs together, electronics with power cords, books with bookends, etcetera. This way when you get to your new home, you will not have to go hunting for pieces.

Additionally, small parts or accessories can be placed in plastic sandwich bags and taped directly to the item; this way you won’t lose them.

As a last resort, you can dedicate one small box for all cords, chargers, and accessories. Simply label it “Accessories” and deal with it when you complete your move.

5. Color Coordinate

The best tip? Use a different color for each room of your home. For example: yellow for your kitchen, red for the bedroom, and green for the living room. Next, place a colored sticker on each box for that room. Furthermore, all the boxes that have a yellow sticker go in the kitchen of your new home; this will make unpacking go much more smoothly.

By following these simple tips, your next move will go a lot more smoothly — and you will have far less stress when it’s time to pack.

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