Designed to Roam: The Case for Moving Cross-Country

Common wisdom tells us that moving from one place to another will not change who we are. When we move, we bring with ourselves all the old baggage, all the old problems, and all the old habits we had before.

But is that really the case?

Travel writers and ex-pats beg to differ. For them, moving out of the country or to a new state was and is a transformative experience. One of them writes "We are what we do repeatedly," and asserts that changing our environment is the fastest way to change what we do—because, of course, most of what we do is responding to what's around us.

For ex-pats, they've found that moving gave them the chance to try on different "masks." If no one is expecting you to react or behave a certain way, you can try something new—you can try a new outlook, a new social style, a new way of carrying yourself.

The Iron Prescription

Charles Munger, one of the most prominent and successful businessmen of our age, once recommended a way of thinking he called the Iron Prescription:

“If you just take the attitude that however bad [life] is in any way, it’s always your fault and you just fix it as best you can—the so-called 'iron prescription'—I think that really works.”

Mr. Munger is getting at something that travelers and first-time movers would agree with—that if we want our situations to change,¬†we¬†need to change. And the fastest way to change ourselves is to change our context.

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