Unemployment Rates in Santa Clarita Decrease

Santa Clarita is a suburb where business and community are growing in tandem. Much of the local infrastructure projects are focusing on new business developments and residential properties. This push for business communities has resulted in lower unemployment rates in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Unemployment Has Dropped

The number of Santa Clarita citizens without a job has decreased over the last year. In November 2016, the unemployment rate for SCV stood at 4.4%. However, in November 2017, the unemployment rate shrank to 3.8%, a 0.6% difference when compared to last year. The City Economic Developer Associate believes the decrease stems from economic changes in Santa Clarita. They said, “The Santa Clarita economy continues to be strong, local companies are hiring and our talented workforce is finding employment.”

Business Has Been the Focus of Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita recently launched a business incubator program. This program was made for innovators and dreamers who needed some help launching their million dollar ideas. In December, the incubator had two companies graduate from the program. These companies are the first graduates of the business incubator and will likely spur more jobs for the Santa Clarita Valley. Both companies work directly with client-based software services. The focus on business-related developments has continued to spur on the growth of the Santa Clarita area. As more companies look to expand their markets, and their profits, they are seeing the SCV area as an up-an-coming player in the business world of tomorrow.

What Does This Mean for Me?

With SCV developments growing and the unemployment rate shrinking, moving to the valley may be a wise career choice for younger members of the workforce. Getting in on developing businesses at the ground level can launch an employee’s career into the fast lane. Hard work, determination, and a little bit of business savvy can go a long way in the Santa Clarita Valley. This is why the population of Santa Clarita continues to grow, because the American dream can become a reality in a place such as this.

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