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AQMS Recommended by Connor MacIvor on HousingRadio.com!

Valencia real estate agent (and happy customer) Connor MacIvor of HousingRadio.com recently featured us on his radio show! The show’s topic centered on being a vigilant consumer when it comes to looking for a moving company online. Connor shared his personal experience with the “fly-by-night” brand of moving company.

These “businesses” are little more than a group of people with a cell phone and a truck, with no insurance or bonded employees like any legitimate businesses. These companies enlist a lead generation company to help them get hired, but once they’re paid, they’re very difficult to hold accountable.

Connor unfortunately realized this when he saw that several pieces of furniture were left damaged or broken by the company in question. When he tried to call the company he had contracted, he ended up speaking with the lead generation business (who, of course, denied any responsibility).

Thankfully, his opinion of moving companies vastly improved when he hired AQMS for his next move. He called himself “blessed to have used AQMS,” and recommended us to his listeners because we don’t try to fool our customers, take care of them honestly, and use only insured and bonded moving professionals. Connor also noted that the cost of hiring a quality moving company far exceeds the cost of replacing broken furniture.

To listen to the rest of Connor’s show (and to hear more topics related to homeownership), click here!