10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move By Yourself (Part 2)

Maybe you love moving things after an eight hour work day, maybe your friends would rather hang out with boxes than celebrate your big move doing something else, or maybe you just haven’t read the first five reasons why you shouldn’t move by yourself and are still pretty confident that you got this on your own.

For this reason, we present the next five reasons why you shouldn’t move on your own.

  1. Our Moving Company Is Fully Insured, Your Valuables Are Not

You tied the mattress and were sure that it wasn’t going to fall over, but it did…right onto your chandelier. You couldn’t believe how expensive it was when you bought it, but it sure isn’t worth a dime now. Most people forget how expensive some of the items in their home are, and they also forget that some of those items are not covered through insurance or warranty. When we move your belongings, you can bet that we do everything in our power to keep them safe. That is why we are fully insured, so no matter the distance, the amount, or the item, your valuables are fully protected.

  1. Family Members Are Not Professional Family Movers

Your brother swung by to help you pack today, and you are excited to get that furniture moving! With his help, you start to lift that comfy couch, and he takes the lead toward the door. As you reach the door frame, you realize your current couch configuration will never make it through. You try to tell your bro the bad news, but he’s determined! The result? A lot of scrapes on the wall and a broken couch leg (not to mention some brotherly frustration). We at AQMA understand family is there for you when you are in need; however, for all the love they have for you, they might still be the worst movers on earth. So instead of recruiting your family, why not recruit ours? Our business is owned and operated by a husband and wife who have been in this business for almost 20 years. So if you are looking for help from family, give ours a try.

  1. Make it a road trip. Not a load trip.

You have always wanted to go and explore some other parts of the United States, but not like this. Your back is sore because you have been hunched over the steering wheel for 10+ hours, trying to end this insufferable journey as soon as possible. The miles on your rent-a-truck are piling up, and you are kicking yourself for not using the flat-rate package. If you had just taken the time to do the math, you could have saved a good chunk of money. Regardless, this is costing you way more than you thought it would, and you wish you could have just flown out to your new home. Why did you assign yourself the task of driving your stuff across the states, especially when it costs you? Let our professional moving team bring your valuables to your new home. If you are going to travel across the country, let it be for a road trip—not a load trip.

  1. Equipment Matters

Between Cousin Joe’s 2001 flatbed, the smallest U-Haul money can rent, and your family van, you managed to cram all of your things into your “professional” moving vehicles. As Joe pulls onto the freeway, you begin to notice that his flatbed is sitting lower than usual. Due to the weight of your belongings, Joe’s truck bed is sagging and looks like it could bust any minute. This was a huge mistake, and Joe has to pull over to wait for help from another truck. Why didn’t you just go with the pros?

We at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage Company are those pros you need, and we have the equipment to get the job done seamlessly. Between reliable trucks that get your possessions from point A to point B, and wall protectors that guard your old and new homes, you can rest easy knowing that we have the right tools for the job. Your items won’t be crammed in our trucks because we understand the space that your valuables need. We have the means to get your move done.

  1. Knowledge Matters

You spend hours trying to decide if your lamp should be in a box or standing on its own, if your fridge can safely carry your book collection while in transit, or if your cabinet can stand on your bed without doing damage to your mattress. You want to cut corners. Not because you don’t care, but simply because you don’t have extensive moving history. You can’t foresee stability issues, you can’t predict safety concerns, and you definitely can’t picture how your items will fit in X, Y, or Z.

That’s what we are here for. If you are worried about any one of these issues, or are nagged by hundreds more, we are here for you. Our nearly 20 years of moving history is what makes us quick and efficient because we have been there, and trust us, we have packed that. The only way to have extensive knowledge about moving items is to actual have experience moving items. So let us help you with your move. Our knowledge, our team, and our equipment will be at your disposal.

If you have any hesitations about our services, let us put them to rest by giving you a free quote. Call (661) 622-2636 now to set up a meeting where we walk you through our process with your items.